Margie Anderson –  Monument

Margie AndersonI just wanted to tell you I am thrilled with the classes for Bella. Right now I am teaching her to lay next to me on her bed while I am emailing you. She had the habit of sticking her head on the keyboard laptop to keep me engaged, I am  clicking and rewarding her for sitting on her bed next to me while I type and ignore her.

I find it extremely effective but I had to understand the science of it.  You are a very good trainer and although I wasn’t sure I could learn to use the technique correctly, you invited me to observe your  puppy class the next night. I did and began to see how to build behavior by little steps. I also saw the difference in dog temperament which isn’t good or bad but part of the dog. Once I understood how important it was to respect those traits in each dog I grew to understand Bella much better. She needs daily exercise, attention, and direction. Now that I have a tool that helps me manage those things on my terms, I can teach her appropriate ways to get her needs met.  We are learning mutual respect, I am feeling it in my soul and she is responding so beautifully. I didn’t get that piece before because she was so inappropriately demanding and I didn’t know how to settle her. The classes and observations were so eye-opening for me. Now that I am no longer working with children and their families I am getting my needs met by training Bella.  Just like kids it is a lifetime journey and I realize I will be training her for her lifetime. She is a great dog and needs to learn all kinds of things.  It will take tons of patience and lots of time, which I have both. It would have been very difficult to do this with her when I had my job and family  to raise, but now this is so good for me. I have all the time I need to work with her and she is a very smart, sweet dog.  Thanks for all of your support, I look forward to working with you, and I am going to keep a training journal to give me focus and record our progress.